Stockdales History

Today, Stockdales maintains facilities in Regina and Saskatoon, and serves both the local and global communities. Featuring state of the art equipment, design and manufacturing facilities, Stockdales has experienced steady growth over the past 40 years. Even now Stockdales is looking towards the future, with a talented and experienced staff.
Stockdales Team

Stockdales Prairie Service began on a farm north of Raymore, Saskatchewan in 1972. When John needed motors to run his grain dryers after an exceptionally wet growing season, he discovered the electric motor distribution industry, and turned a machine shed into Stockdales first “building”.

John went on to invent the electric auger power pack and distribute to various customers. In 1981, Stockdales Electric Motor Corp. (SEMC) was incorporated, and two satellite branches soon followed in Saskatoon and Yorkton in 1984 and 1987 respectively.

In the spring of 1990, SEMC made the decision to consolidate its Yorkton and Raymore branches into a new Head Office in Regina. The new facility offered a distinct business advantage over its two previous smaller locations, and allowed the integration and automation components of Stockdales business to blossom.

In 1997 the Regina head office expanded adding a 5250 square foot addition and opening a new fabrication shop with CNC manufacturing capabilities. The manufacturing capabilities working in sync with Stockdales Automation created a further edge in production time and cost efficiency. This environment of production, fabrication and design laid the foundation for what are now Stockdale Automation and Stockdale Industrial Group.

Stockdales Saskatoon location moved to a new and modern facility in 2007, giving the motor servicing and re-wind shop a home that will facilitate steadily increasing demand.

In 2009 Stockdales moved to a new 40,000sq.ft facility as its corporate head office. This new facility increases our capacity to design and produce custom solutions for our clients, new and existing, with efficiency and effectiveness. In 2011 an additional 25,000sq.ft was added for continued growth.

SEMC Raymore
SEMC Regina
SEMC Saskatoon
SEMC Regina