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For nearly 40 years Stockdales has been a Distributor of Fine Quality Motors and Controls.
Today Stockdales continues with the same trusted motor manufacturers with which we started.

Stockdales has the largest inventory of industrial motors, farm duty and HVAC motors in Saskatchewan.

Electric Motors

We are proud to carry products from:


Stockdales has access and stock of other motor manufacturers and these can be made available upon request.
These includes: Teco, Siemens, Lesson/Regal-Beloit, US Electric/ Nidec

Electric Motor Repair
Stockdales in Regina and Saskatoon has experienced staff with modern equipment for service, repair and re-wind of electric motors.

Regina Shop

  • 4000lb Crane
  • Computer controlled bake oven
  • 18” x 16” Modern Lathe
  • Sand/Glass Blaster
  • Hi pressure wash bay
  • Computerized parts washer
  • Hydraulic Press
  • 120V – 600V Test Bench
  • Test Panel for larger motor

Saskatoon Shop

  • 40” Diameter polyester varnish dip tank
  • Computer controlled burnout oven
  • Balancing and analyzing equipment
  • Computer Controlled Lathing equipment
  • 13,500 square foot square assembly and repair area
  • 5 tonne bridge crane
  • 2 ton jib with 340 deg 20’ sweep
  • Bayco computer controlled burn out oven
  • Steelman temperature controlled bake oven
  • 100 ton vertical hydraulic press
  • 60 ton horizontal hydraulic press
  • 5000 lb dynamic balance stand
  • Baker winding analyzer
  • Phoenix core loss & armature tester
  • JRI high pressure hot water parts washer


For over 15 years Stockdales has provided motor/gearing solutions with one of the premier providers of reliable, high quality gearing solutions. Stockdales Regina is a Swift Assembly Center for the David Brown Textron product.

With an in house electrical/mechanical engineering team Stockdales can provide a complete engineered solution for your motor/gearing needs.

Standard Stocked Products
B Series – Right angle worms gear drive in aluminum housing
C Series – Right angle helical worm gear drive in cast iron housing
M Series – Inline helical bevel gear drive in cast iron housing

Sales Service
1-306-352-4505 Regina
1-306-244-4243 Saskatoon

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